The function of the ZKettle to act as a melting pot enabling writers of songs, novels, biographies, artists and illustrators, musicians, producers, vocalists, etc. to collaborate by viewing, adapting, and sharing their work together. Email us below and we will introduce you to a writer/artist collaboration by sending your writing or artistic work to others where we believe there is a potential for cooperation and make the musical or artistic work of others available to you. This will be done under your direction and in a manner which protects your business interests. You may elect to release in non-proprietary LedZapp video, audio and/or text formats or in our proprietary LedZapp multimedia linked text and music format, a new art form designed to sell ebooks with embedded components enabling readers to purchase music which is related to and supports the story. LedZapp proprietary multimedia is a novel with its own soundtrack... not a score, but a soundtrack with either newly written songs produced and developed specifically for chapters within the author's novel or previously released period or genre music embedded from published songs.

The ZKettle works in conjunction with our partner companies including Iron Toad Records for any new material written and produced with another partner company, Studio 23 and Mark Dreyer Productions in Nashville, Tennessee. Recording sessions take place in our Nashville studios or Iron Toad Records Studio in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Filming can be done from recording sessions and include performance videos from artists and documentary film embellishments and commentary from the musicians and authors.

Musicians at the top of their field in the music industry perform on original new song material.

The ZKettle current project in production includes a 5x Grammy winner (one of which was for Song of the Year), Golden Globe Winner and Oscar winner for Best original Song in a Movie (as Producer); members of the Willie Nelson family band including famed harmonica player and bass player; former Johnny Cash Band upright bass player who's also toured with and is in the John Mellencamp documentary "It's About You", who also played on Ray LaMontagne’s latest CD; a female singer who performed and toured with Bob Dylan for 7 years and who performed on the Black Keys latest CD; Dr. John touring artists; and an fast rising RCA recording artist that Taylor Swift tweeted to her followers about one of her new song releases on Swift's handwritten list of 10 songs "that will make your life more awesome (I promise)" and the list goes on.

"The detailed list of musicians, songwriters, performers and Behind the Scenes recording session video performances, Video endorsements from these artist will be made public and seen In the upcoming release of the ZKettle's first collaboration and LedZapp's first release of a novel with its own soundtrack. This novel is 183,000 words; included 31 original songs in three volumes segregated by genre. The novel, "Gonna Dig Myself a Hole . . . 'n' bury myself in it" is not a musical but the songs are added features; all original songs written and produced for specific scenes within the novel to pull the reader deeper into the story. Please join our mailing lists for more information on upcoming release dates.


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Gonna Dig Myself A Hole . . . 'n' bury myself in it
Meeggo, The Journey Begins