The Thrill Is Gone (for BB)

3 Thrill is Gone Cover AThe thrill of BB and Lucille is gone. A man that lived with such character and grace, maybe we did him wrong. He gave of himself until the very end. Now he's free like any good man should be.

Sebastian Brown: It begins with truth and it ends with hope. The truth being what I have said in my music comes from my heart and reflects my life.
Hope being that it weaves its way into another persons soul but not for one day... Legacy!

Tony "TC" Coleman: I have played with Mr BB King for over 30 years. The Thrill Is Gone is one of his most famous songs known all over the world. The way it is arranged and recorded by Sebastian Brown is one of the coolest arrangements I have heard. It is totally done in a way that inspired me enough to record my own contribution to it. Simply said, I like it and think it is one of the most original ways it has ever been recorded. I really like it a lot. Tony TC Coleman / BB KING BAND.