Based on the Children’s Book, “Meeggo, The Journey Begins”

MeeGGo lives on the Planet YuGGo in a galaxy far far away. Eh, its not THAT far but far enough that we can’t see it. MeeGGo lives in a village of eggs. This village of eggs are satisfied with their life as it is, which is to just lay around all day in the sun, everyday, every week, every year. They have no other aspirations or dreams of life outside of their shell. But MeeGGo has a dream that is burning deep inside and its afraid to tell all of the other eggs because of what they might think. Because they will think MeeGGo is different and wants to be different than they are.

But this dream burns deeper and deeper until one day MeeGGo decides its going its dreams no matter what any of the other eggs think. MeeGGo is going to break out of its shell. MeeGGo is going to chase life outside of its shell and follow its heart and its dreams. But first, it must break out of its shell. MeeGGo bangs itself against rock after rock but nothing happens until it falls off a cliff away from its clan.

Complete with voice action from Meeggo, sound effects and score, Crack’d will take you deeper into Meeggo’s fight to find his new life.

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